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Tumblr for Business #1 — The Audience

Tumblr is an important platform for brands to tell their story and reach their audience. For youth brands, it’s an essential part of their marketing, and now commerce, strategy. 47% of the Tumblr audience is 18-34 years old. A majority of youths prefer Tumblr to the ubiquitous Facebook.

The Tumblr audience is highly engaged. The average post is reblogged nine times and Adidas saw a fan-made GIF created from one of their commercials reblogged 90,000 times.

Long before Vine, Tumblr creators have been making and sharing short, looping animations in the form of GIFs. If it’s highly visual, funny, fashion-forward, beautiful or interesting in some way, it has a home on Tumblr and the audience will show their love.

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27 January 2013 2 notes Tumblr Business Commerce BlkDot